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Did it seem like you had known each other forever?  Did you stay up talking that first night until dawn?  Do you think about them day and night?  Chances are it could be a soulmate or twin flame relationship.  You can find out for certain by contacting Sataya at (214)513-0163.  Sataya will connect with the archangel appropriate for you and explore the chances that this is a soulmate or twin flame relationship.  She can also tell you, if you haven't met them yet, .how long it might be until they cross your path and what YOU can do to increase the chances that it happens quickly. 


We live many lives and reincarnate in the same soul group over and over.  During those lifetimes we meet again and again the same individuals to work out karma.  Some of those souls we take as lovers or marry several times.  These are soulmates.  Obviously, if you live 100 lives you have married again and again, taken lovers again and again...you have more than one soulmate.  You attract soulmates because they are on a similar vibration or frequency to you. 

Sometimes soulmates come together for the purpose of producing a child.  We choose our parents so your son or daughter chose you and your lover as the people to raise them.  Often times, once the child is here, the relationship deteriorates.  This is because the karma has been worked out.  The child is here.  The relationship no longer has a reason for being.

Twin Flames

Twin flames differ dramatically from soulmates.  You have only one twin flame or twin soul as some call it.  More and more people are encountering their twin flames in this lifetime than in any other life.  There is a purpose to this which can be explained more in depth in a reading.

Twin flames as best can be described are like a single cell that emanates from the heart of God.  It divides into it's male and female counterpart and then goes out into the Universe.  You live many lifetimes without encountering a twin flame but there is always a connection.  It cannot be severed.  Some of the great twin flames relationships would be Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Romeo and Juliet, Katheryn Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. 

When you are with your twin flame you experience a love like no other you have ever known.  They are the complete mirror of you and you finally feel complete.  You are certain that this is your other half.  You feel that "in love" feeling all of the time and experience waves of ecstasy and bliss when you make love.  They become the most important thing in your life.

To find out if your love is your soulmate or twin flame, contact me for a session.  Call (214)513-0163.  Your relationship with this person can unfold in a new and different way when you find out the spiritual nature that it has.

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