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Petition to the Universe
Better than a Love Spell

 A Petition to the Universe is a very powerful way to manifest the positive resolution of your desire for love in the highest and best manner possible. A Petition to the Universe can have a dramatically positive effect.   Sataya: The Love Psychic offers two options for conducting a Petition.  You can purchase the instructions and do it alone or you can have Sataya assist you with her prayers and meditation with the divine beings with whom she works.   A Petition to the Universe is VERY effective.   

Petitioning helps you to release attachment to an outcome you desire.   Releasing attachment to an outcome is a very powerful thing to do in order to manifest your heart's desire.   When you want something very badly and it doesn't happen you release negative emotion.  You get disconnected from Source.  When you cling and clutch at something or someone so hard, you actually end up lessening the chances your desires about that person will come to pass.

Perhaps you don't want the person you love to leave you and you are very afraid that they will.  You fret constantly.  Chances are, they wil leave.   When you focus on what you don't want, you call it into existence.  It is part of the Law of Attraction.  Clutch, worry and fret and your desires elude your grasp.    There is a difference between desiring something - a positive emotion, and obsessively wanting something - a negative emotion.  This is why so many people find their ex-lovers rushing to their arms when they give up on them.  Letting go is a positive emotion.  But sometimes it is hard for us to get to that point with our higher self.  We need divine help.  Do you find it difficult to let go?  Are you, yourself keeping the very thing you desire at bay?  Let Sataya work with you to reverse that and manifest peace, joy, abundance in love, life and finances.  Purchase of a Sataya-assisted Petition to the Universe includes a FREE 20 minute reading.

If you choose to have Sataya assist with your Petition to the Universe, Sataya does an  intense meditation for you and invokes the assistance of the archangels, her priest king and five canonized saint ancestors to help you release attachment and  increase the potential of your manifesting your desire.   She will give you  instructions on how to do your part of the ceremony.  You and Sataya work together.  Don't worry.  Your part is not complex, but very simple and takes just a few minutes.  


Sataya:  The Love Psychic's clients have had great success with the Petition to the Universe.   Here are recommendations totally unsolicited:

My review on Sataya.......  I am amazed and still astounded by the reading that this lovely sweet voiced woman had predicted, she has helped me when all other so called love spell specialists and other web site occults could not, not to mention the thousands of dollars that were spent on these so called scam artists or perhaps spells that back fired,very embarrassed by it all! 
Sataya: The Love Psychic was my last hope, I have not heard from my ex for 5 months, and thought all was hopeless, I saw Sataya's site by mistake or maybe it was pure fate, she sounded very sincere, she had a way to make me laugh, and said all the right things, I felt I was in good hands, she advised me through her angels and light, and I followed her directions, two weeks later my boyfriend called, I could not believe it! But believe it!  Her angelic work does work, it is from the higher power!  it was money well spent! I have and will continue to have her in my life!  Sataya is the real deal! She is truly an Earth Angel!    AR   August 17, 2016
I fell in love with James at work. Unfortunately, he was married and he cut off our relationship out of guilt in February.  I was heartbroken as I loved him so much.  He wouldn't acknowledge me or even talk to me when we passed in the hall.  Then I got fired.  I did the Petition to the Universe with Sataya and the following November there was a knock at my door on night after dark.  I turned on the porch light and looked out the peep hole and there stood James, suitcase in hand.  He told me he had left his wife and realized he was in love with me and we've been together ever since.  Bottom line, my Petition worked.  I went from not seeing or talking to James to waking up to his handsome face every morning and go to bed next to him every night.  I highly recommend these.  I am living proof, they do work.   Elizabeth,  May 2017
When I called Sataya: The Love Psychic the first time I was so sad.  My fiancee' had left me.  Sataya told me we only had about a 22% potential of reconnecting at that time.  I asked her about the Petition after we had done a couple of readings because I was so obsessed and couldn't release attachment to just "let go and let God."  I had a Sataya-assisted Petition and my fiancee' came back to me.  I had watched Amber load up all her belongings including her horses onto a horse trailer (we live on a farm in upstate New York) but she came back horses and all.  When I saw her take her  horses I thought it was over for good.  But she came back.  I've pledged to be a better person and listen to what Amber wants and needs and we are going great guns and the wedding is set for August 31st.     Eddie, June 2018
I was in love with this girl named Monica that I worked with.  Unfortunately she sat way on the other side of the office.  In the meantime, this guy named Zak was making time with her and hitting on her a lot.  In a reading with Sataya, I discovered that Monica was my twin flame.  Sataya and I did a Petition to the Universe on a Sunday.  The following Wednesday, Monica was moved right next to my work space!  The next day, Zak was fricking fired and out of the picture!  I strongly recommend Sataya and doing a Petition.  Thing are working well for Monica and me and it is all due to the Petition and Sataya.  Go for it if you are wanting results.  Alex, March 20119.

The  Petition to the Universe is something in which you and Sataya both participate.    Your part of the ceremony will take about 20 minutes of your time.  If you are planning to do a Petition with her, you will need four votive candles in the colors of red, pink, yellow and white.   Sataya will dramatically reinforce it with a lengthy meditation to give you that sacred boost only she can offer with the help the archangels and  her divine ancestors.     She will send you an email with the results from her meditation. 

Don't resort to love spell scams.  Work in love.  Work in light.  Work with Sataya: The Love Psychic.  Call her now at (214)513-0163

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