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About  Love Spells
Why they are dangerous - A message from Sataya

Sometimes when we suffer from a broken heart, or money problems we will try anything to bring our lover back to us or more cash in our bank account.  This even includes what is known as casting a "love spell" or a "money spell."   Bad idea, and here is why.


In love situations, unless you have the permission of the person on whom the spell is cast, you are doing something against their free will.  This has serious karmic repercussions.  To interfere with the free will of another is a serious cosmic offense.  It is the use of magic for purposes to serve our own needs.  It could even be called "black magic" - the use of universal forces for evil.  You may get what you want, but you will pay dearly for it karmically.

With money spells, no matter what the money spell practitioner is telling you, you are playing with the Dark Forces and there is negative karma attached to that as well.

Sataya offers three solutions.  First, have a session  with Sataya to discover what vibrations you are putting out into the Universe that are keeping your greater good from coming back to you.  You and Sataya will work with her intuition and within Universal Law from a spiritual perspective to improve your life circumstance.   Secondly,  you and Sataya can work together by submitting  a Petition to the Universe. A Petition to the Universe has no karmic repercussions.  It harnesses all the powers of Universal Spiritual Law, especially the Law of Detachment, to assist you honestly and openly in your love or money dilemma.  It does not interfere with the free will of  another.   

Many of  Sataya's clients have gone to supposed "Love Spell" practitioners.  All they have accomplished is to have their wallets lightened and their chakras out of balance.  Many have spent thousands of dollars before coming to Sataya.  Don't let this happen to you.  Call Sataya today for a reading or her assistance with a Petition to the Universe. 

Read more about the Petition by clicking the tab "Petition to the Universe."  A reading or a Petition is less expensive  and more effective than anything else you could do.  Call (214)513-0163.  Sataya: The Love Psychic is here to help, and she cares.   

Lastly, if you attempt to cast a  spell, you most certainly have unbalanced your chakras.  These are the seven energy centers of the human body.  Unbalanced chakras may be the cause of your emotional distress, tiredness, stomach problems, headaches and more.  Understand, however, that chakra balancing is not meant to replace advise from a physician or medical professional.   Please read the web page on this site about Sataya: The Love Psychic's chakra balancing services.

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