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Lost Loves
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If you are suffering from the effects of a love gone wrong, you have my sympathies.  I've been there too.  It hurts, doesn't it?  One of the things you might want to know is "Sataya, can I get my lost love back?"  A session can advise you of the potentials of a reunion and so much more.

Quite often I find clients who are suffering from broken relationships don't realize what they are personally doing both consciously and unconsciously to keep them apart from their lovers. 

An intuitive session will open your eyes to your own behaviors that may be contributing negatively to this situation.

A session can also give you amazing insight into the feelings of your former partner.  Knowledge is power and that power can help you effect a change in the relationship if there is one to be had.

There may also be a karmic pattern or contract that is contributing to this situation.  Again, knowledge of the karmic relationship can open both eyes and doorways to new possibilities.  Knowledge and wisdom are powerful tools to getting what you want out of life - even in love.

I understand the pain you are enduring and would like to offer caring and compassionate help to assist you in patching things up if it is a potential for you.

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